Just F****** Hookgrip

I don’t typically yell, but about a week ago I yelled across the

room to someone, “Just freakin’ hook grip the damn bar!”


We’ll get back to that. ………….

Now that I have your attention……..I want to talk to you guys

about something important.

Something that affects your happiness, your success, your ability

to reach your goals…………


Ownership of your day.

Ownership in your workout.

Ownership of your crap.

And ownership of your successes and/or failures.

Believe it or not…….we as coaches are NOT responsible

for your workout.

Now…..before you get all upset or butt hurt……..here is

what we are responsible for:

-Teaching you how to move properly.

-Teaching you the movements that are necessary for

the workout of the day.

-Answering questions that you might have out the workout

of the day or general fitness questions.

-Keeping you SAFE!

-Creating a positive environment for you to feel safe and

comfortable in.

-Creating, a thought-out, proven workout program to help

you reach your goals.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about your ownership.

Are you coming to class on time and prepared to workout?

Or, have you gotten kind of lazy over time?

Are you attentive to what the coach is telling you?

Are you watching what they are showing you?

You know what is worse than trying to figure out what

the heck you are supposed to be doing for the workout?

Standing next to someone who is making is impossible to

listen and pay attention to what the instructions, safety tips,

and lifting cues are being shared.

We can all agree that all the workouts kind of suck…..right?

But, you know what sucks even more?

Trying to get through a sucky workout……..next to person

who thinks that EVERYTHING sucks.

You know the one………….the one who comes walking

in the door looking like they would rather get run over

by a bus than be there.

The person who is already complaining about the workout

and we haven’t even got through the warm up. OH wait…….

the one complaining about the warm up.

You don’t want to be that person.

Don’t be that person.

It is your responsibility to come ready to work.

When you walk in the doors to workout, you need

to be focused, ready to push yourself, ready to

take on whatever is on the board for that day.

Because…….that is your responsibility.

You owe yourself that much, as well as the community

that you have chosen to be a part of here.

Are you pushing your limits?

Are you scaling when necessary……..or all the time?

Scaling is a great way to focus on form and safety. However, when

you have been coming for 9 months and still using the same wall ball

weight……….it’s time to move on.

We can’t make you go faster or harder during the

workout. That is on YOU.

Do you finish every workout and

know that you have given 110%?

That you didn’t leave

anything on the table.

Your gas tank was on 0 when

you are done.

If you think you are working hard……….work twice

as hard.

I want YOU to challenge YOU.

I want you to take ownership of your success.

The program is setup to help you in every way

possible. But, it can’t do the work for you. That is

on you.

If you require extra time to warm up…..get it done.

If you are not flexible at all and coach tells you, you

need to stretch or your going to not be able to move

soon………you need to stretch.

If your feet hurt……get new shoes.

If your hands hurt……..do something about it.

If your not winded after a workout……go harder.

If your not tired after lifting……..lift more.

And for criminy sakes……..if the bar slips out

of your hand and coach tells you for the 20th

time that you  NEED to hook grip……………

don’t tell me that  it hurts………………………


Love-Your Dedicated Coach



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