If you want to LIVE you need to LIFT

So, a few recent conversations has me wondering why???

Why are people so afraid of lifting.

And when I say lift, I mean anything.

You can lift 5 pounds, or you can lift your bodyweight.

However, I don’t think the folks that are worried about

swinging a 5 lb kettlebell are at home doing push ups.

See, here at Waypoint, we are a little bit different.

We really don’t care what you lift.

BUT, and a huge BUT that is, you need to lift something.

But wait…….”what if I get hurt?”

“I am scared.”

I get that, I do, but most of the time we are talking about

you lifting a 5 pound kettle bell or a 35# deadlift.

Now, I just came from Fred Meyers. During the day, there are

lot of retired folks that go there. And guess what they are doing???

LIfting shit in and out of their cart.

Not very pretty either.     AND….. I like the lift pretty. :) 

Not like we teach folks to pick a deadlift up, or power clean a training

bar to their shoulders, or get up on a 7 in box and back down.

Or what about those burpee things????

“I will never have to pick myself up off the ground”……..

oh wait……………

Your body weights more than you think.

And if you want to live, you need to lift.

This isn’t just calling out those of a certain age either, you know

who you are…………..

I have talked to plenty of 20 and 30 somethings that are the same

way. But, that’s a different story.

You deserve to be able to do anything and stay healthy and strong for a very

long time.

So, go out and lift something.



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