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Support Your Local Box

We all have heard of “Small Business Saturday”


“Buy Local.”


And, I think, for the most part everyone understands

what that means. But, for a CrossFit gym and community,

I think it means much more.


Let me explain what I mean in a minute.

I fall into writing this blog post, like many of my posts, when

analyzing why I feel upset about something. I get upset

when I find out people buy items from a large retailer or

online, that they could buy here, in our retail shop.


So I start to process why I feel that way.


And, I FINALLY figured it out.


There are very few situations where you can spend money

to purchase something you need or want, and it resulting

in a direct improvement on your community. A community that

you find extreme value in.

I can think of a few examples; school fundraisers, and church

fundraisers. I’m sure there are more, but I can’t think of any.


When you shop at Costco, you are helping the city of Gig Harbor,

the economy, helping locals find employment. But, really, most of

us don’t benefit from Costco doing well. We don’t see an improvement

in our life if Costco monthly and annual numbers are healthy.


However, if you buy from your local box, you do.

I have overheard, or maybe just imagined people in the past saying

things like, “well, I already give them enough money” when asked

whether or not they are buying something in our shop. Or, “my

membership is already a lot.” As if those are decent reasons

why you would not, maybe purchase an additional shirt after

3 years of membership, even though you purchase a shirt

from every box you drop in to out of town.


Or, your membership cost is why you choose to buy your protein

from GNC rather than our shop.


Our mark ups aren’t high. Unlike Costco, we can’t buy our products

in thousands of units at a time. We can’t even buy our items at a

wholesale cost, as to what Fred Meyer or Costco can buy them out.


So, we still price them at what the retail price should be and hope to

make a small profit from it.


When you buy from your local box, that small profit goes back to

the business. That profit helps pay coaches. It helps pay for additional

training. It helps buy more equipment, replace broken equipment,

and more product. It keeps the lights on, the bills paid. It also pays

our TAXES!!!!


When the bills are paid, and the coaches are properly compensated, that

leads to a better experience for you guys. Less stress, more fun!

More time can be devoted to planning what cool things to do for the

community next.


So, please consider making your next purchase with Your Local Box…us?

We all appreciate it and everyone can benefit from it.



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