We are passionate about helping kids get fit and strong. No matter what age or skill level, you can trust that your child is going have fun and receive top notch coaching from Waypoint coaches.

FAQ (kids)

Do I need to sign my child up for class ahead of time?

No. We do not require you to register your child for class ahead of time. Once your child is registered for our program, they are free to come to any of the regular classes.

Can I put my child in classes with adults?

No. At Waypoint CrossFit all children who are members are placed into a class with children their own age and ability levels. We advise any parent not to have their children become members of a CrossFit gym unless they have an affiliated CrossFit Kids program, which means that the trainers have been to the CrossFit Kids Trainers course and have been approved by CrossFit HQ. Both Darius and Regina are CrossFit Kids Trainers and Waypoint CrossFit Kids is an approved affiliate.

We do make some exceptions for special events and family WODs. We may also make special recommendations for high school athletes who show maturity and a desire to further their fitness in our adult program.

Does my child have to be active in sports to do CrossFit?

No. CrossFit is perfect for any child whether you play several sports, or have never played one before. If you are active in sports, CrossFit will improve your overall fitness and help you improve regardless of what the sport is.

Is my child too young to start CrossFit?

Our little crossfit class is for ages 5-8 years old. Children in that age group may only come to that class, when offered.

CrossFit movements are taught without the use of weights, we ensure your child is moving correctly with proper form and make sure they have a great time doing so. When a child can demonstrate the ability to move properly without weight, only then do we add weight training to the movement.

How are the classes structured?

Children are placed in classes based on both age and ability level, all classes are taught by CrossFit Kids Trainers. In all classes there is an explanation of the workout of the day (WOD), a warm up and the workout.

Are kids classes held at the same time as adults?

No. At Waypoint CrossFit, all kids’ classes are held separately from adults, it allows for the kids to have “their gym” and not have to share it with us old folks.

Is the environment supportive?

Yes. The kids program is competitive, challenging and supportive, with an emphasis placed on teamwork and respect for each other.

Is weight training safe for my child to do?

Yes. The old line that children should not lift weights is untrue. If done with proper technique and training kids are capable of safely participating in weight training. Only children in the teens program, ages 12-17 are allowed to do movements with weights after they have demonstrated the ability to move properly without them.

Do you offer classes for children with special needs?

No. We don’t currently have a separate class for special needs or sensory sensitive children. However, our program is very welcoming and supportive. We have had around 100 children with special needs come through our regular program and have success. We ask that if your child has any special needs that you let us know ahead of time so we can be aware of it and help make them more comfortable.

What should my child bring to class?

Your child should wear clothes they can move comfortably in, shorts, t-shirts, sweat pants, etc. and a water bottle.


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