Below are some frequently asked questions. If you have a question that you don't find on the list please shoot us a message or give us a call.


Do I have to be in shape to start CrossFit?

NO! CrossFit is the most complete fitness regiment you will find and we can accommodate all fitness levels.

If I have an old injury that hinders my range of motion can I still do CrossFit?

Injuries new or old won’t stop you from participating in class. We will scale our workouts so anyone can complete them.

Am I too old to CrossFit?

CrossFit will change your life whether you are 40 or 90. Age is just a number; we will get you moving better and make you stronger regardless of age.

Do I have to signup for class?

No, we do not require you to register or RSVP for our regular CrossFit group classes. You have the option to come to any CrossFit classes, at any times, and you may change classes at any time as well.

The only classes that require that are the RowFit classes. Once you are a member, you will reserve an online login for our calendar that will enable you to RSVP for those classes.


What if I don’t feel comfortable in a group setting?

If you aren’t comfortable in a group setting we can arrange personal training sessions to help meet your training goals.

I don’t think I can do all the crazy gymnastics stuff I have seen online, can I still take part in classes?

Anything done in our classes will be scaled to the level of each athlete. Whether you are elite or a beginner, you will accomplish things you never thought possible.

Is the environment supportive?

The environment at Waypoint CrossFit is very supportive. From the trainers to the other athletes, we all celebrate the effort and accomplishments made in each class.

Why is CrossFit so expensive?

CrossFit is unlike most gyms in that class sizes are smaller, which gives you more personal attention. Our instructors are highly trained and you are never left on your own to complete workouts. It is truly your gym. You are not just a number, you are a part of a tight-knit community.

What should I wear to class?

You should wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in. We have no mirrors, so makeup can be left at home. We also sell Waypoint CF t-shirts in our lobby.

What is a CrossFit affiliate?

An affiliate has to be certified through CrossFit Headquarters and each is put though a rigorous process before granted the right to use the CrossFit name. At Waypoint CrossFit, we are proud to be part of that tradition of excellence and are both CrossFit and CrossFit Kids certified.

What should I bring to class?

You should bring a water bottle and a desire to work hard. Smiles are always welcome!

Will I get bulky from weightlifting?

Lifting weights will improve your strength but “getting bulky” is not typically a result, unless you are eating with the goal of getting bigger. We live by the motto “strong is the new skinny”.

Still not convinced? Read Women Training Myths article on dispelling the myths on women getting bulky with weightlifting.




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