Just Workout.

Remember when a workout was just a workout?

You just showed up to sweat, get a little fitter every time, get those endorphins going, maybe even lost a little weight………and then shower and be done with it?

If you are NOT a CrossFitter and reading this, you’re probably like, “yeah, that’s what I do.”

If you are like most CrossFitters………is isn’t. At least not in the beginning. Over the past few months I have had conversations with a TON of folks that made me think about my CF journey and how it changed over time.

Nothing gets easier, you only get stronger in CrossFit.

We have all heard that quote. And it is very much true.

There are plenty of fitness routines and ways to workout out there. Most of them are the same. Each day you do the same thing. If you run, you run. If you spin, you spin. Some yoga routines actually do the exact same routine every day. If it isn’t the exact same, it is pretty darn close. This enables to you track your progress really easily. It easily allows you to master something, or gauge how close you are to mastering it.

CrossFit is different. Literally.

Every day is a different workout. Every day brings new challenges and new movements that you have not done before. It is a challenge just to remember names of exercises, let alone remember how to do them. That’s why you have a coach.

So, you can see how gauging your progress could be challenging. We have a PR Board where members post their personal records. That helps.

You are encouraged to keep a workout log to log your weights and workouts. That also helps.

But nothing helps your head. In your mind, you know you are getting stronger, maybe not at the rate you were in the beginning, but you are. In your mind and in your workout book you can see that you can do a Benchmark workout “RX” that you couldn’t do last year. But, that doesn’t help thinking that it is still freakin hard.

“Shouldn’t it be easier?”

“Shouldn’t I be better?”

“I should totally be doing pull ups like him?”

“I should totally be back squatting more than so-and-so?”

Thoughts like that can creep into your head.

I’ve been there.

I went from being a new CrossFitter to Competing in CF competitions to competing in Weightlifting Competitions to trying to figure out what to do next.

The answer: Just workout.

At one point, I spend an hour before work and an hour and a half after work, training.

I love sports. I have always been competitive and loved the challenge of lifting and doing CrossFit.

But, as life happens and you get older. So do priorities.

There came a time in my life, like many of you will have at some point where I had to stop and think of what I was trying to accomplish. What’s next? It can actually be quite stressful. For me, I have trained for “something” since I was 6 years old.

But, I didn’t really want that. I didn’t want to be gone from my family for very long. I didn’t want to be sore all the time. (I know….crazy.) I didn’t want to stress about competing or training so much.

So, I stopped and thought:

How would my life be different if I could do ring muscle ups?

How would my life be different if my clean and jerk was heavier?

What would change if my Fran time was lower?

Would my kids love me more?

Would I have more balance in my life?

Would I be happier?

The answer: No.

Actually, I felt the opposite would be true. Because……that’s kind of what was happening.

However, I do feel strongly about being physically strong. This is for many reasons, but the main one being that it makes me happy and that benefits everyone around me.

I also feel that you should take time for yourself. Carving out one hour a day for 5 days a week, should not be stressful or be something to feel guilty about. It SHOULD be a requirement, especially for moms.

So then……..what’s the solution???

Just workout.

Yep, you heard me. Just come in and workout. Track your workouts, or don’t. Who cares!?!?!

There is no better fitness program in the world than CrossFit.

So, just come and workout.

Enjoy the community. Enjoy the sweat and challenge or pushing your body. Enjoy the cool people that surround you. And then, go home and keep living your life. You know, the one that you would normally be living if you went running in the morning or to another fitness class of some sort. Not researching CF stuff online or talking about all things CrossFit around your friends and family. (I say this tongue and cheek)

And then the next day, do it again.

No one if going to judge your for doing this. Every goal is equal, including the one where we say we just want to get in our workouts each week.

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