Our Trainers

Darius Aldridge – Owner and Head Trainer

Hey – I’m Darius, co-owner and head trainer for Waypoint CF. I’ve played sports my wholeIMG_darius life, from ice hockey to football and have found nothing that compares to CrossFit in meeting my fitness goals. I’m a police officer for the Gig Harbor Police Department and am passionate about the community my family and I live in. I’m the father of 3 girls, which inspire me every day, and also means I have a lot of patience. As a trainer I foster an environment that competitive, challenging, and encouraging. I would love to meet you and make you part of our community.

My resume:

  • Level 1 & Level 2 CrossFit Instructor
  • CrossFit Kids Instructor
  • Outlaw Training Camp
  • Catalyst Olympic Weightlifting Level 1 Seminar
  • Bachelor of Arts, Sociology
  • MS, Criminal Justice Administration
  • Played collegiate Football
  • Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • Past youth football in Gig Harbor, WA and Anchorage, AK
  • Certified Ninja (From my 6 year old)

Regina Aldridge – Owner and Trainer

I have spent most of my life training and competing in some sort of athletic discipline. It IMG_reginawasn’t until I had our 3rd daughter that I went looking for something different, something I had not done before, and that is when I found CrossFit. CrossFit has changed our lives for the better and I couldn’t think of a better way to give back then to train others myself. We opened Waypoint CF with the hope of creating a place for all to feel comfortable, no matter what their age or ability. We want to build a legacy of fitness from little ones on up to seniors. I feel that CrossFit is something that everyone can do and find joy in helping people realize their full potential. There is nothing better then getting that first pull up or setting a new PR in a lift you just learned a few months prior.

My resume: (because people like to see this stuff)

  • CrossFit Level 1 Instructor
  • CrossFit Kids Instructor
  • CrossFit Mobility Seminar w/ Kelly Starrett
  • Freestyle Connection Movement Seminar w/ Carl Paoli
  • CrossFit Rowing Certification
  • Catalyst Olympic Weightlifting Level 1 Seminar
  • BA in Marketing, MBA
  • NCAA Scholar Athlete – Div II Basketball
  • Coached youth basketball for 5 years
  • Mother of 3 daughters

Emily Linney

Emily is the girl from the other coast. 

She has been weightlifting since 6th grade and have always been involved in sports or an activity of a physical nature.  Ever since she started lifting back then, with her dad as her coach, she has become a firm believer in taking care myself and that hard work does pay off. 

Emily started CrossFitting over 5 years ago and hasn’t been able to give it up ever since! 

Seeing her client learn and grow and accomplishing a lot of personal goals, fuels her passion as a coach. 

  • CF Level 1

“I have been a friend of Regina and Darius since before they opened Waypoint and have gotten the privilege to watch the gym grow into what it is now.  Which as a member and coach, am happy to call it my ‘home gym.'” – Emily

Matt King

Bio coming soon. 

Shirley Roberts

Shirley started out doing gymnastics as a young girl then moved on to dance and then cheerleading. She tried my luck at wrestling in Jr. High but that ended with a broken collar bone…………… 

Shirley got into weight lifting as a young teen and did that on and off until graduating high school and then studied to be a Pilates instructor with BASI Pilates. That is where her understanding of fitness really began. She took that valuable knowledge and applied it to her own workouts in normal gyms and fast forward to 2013 where she applied it to CrossFit workouts. Shirley was instantly hooked the moment she stepped foot into Waypoint.

She has made Crossfit a part of her everyday life and don’t plan on ever stopping. She loves it so much that she did it throughout her pregnancy and at 9 months pregnant, which helped give her the push and motivation to become a coach and help others just like her.  GO SHIRLEY! 

  • CF Level 1


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