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This page is dedicated to the awesome moms that belong to our gym community.

There stories are inspirational and brave. We hope you can relate to some of the things that they have to say.

There stories are featured here and in their own words. We hope you enjoy.


Real Life Mom – Emily D.

I didn’t expect when I walked into Waypoint the first day to find a second home, but that’s what’s happened.

I have two kids, one with autism, a dog, a house, a husband, I’m the board co-chair at my son’s preschool- the last thing I have time for is………me.

Autism has been a part of our family for three years now- and with it comes driving to therapy appointments daily, sleepless nights, and a need for about 37 extra hours in the day. Every week, my son is in 3 different therapies, all helping him become the best version of himself he can be. In the midst of watching him begin to soar and make developmental leaps, I realized I was so focused on him the best version of MYSELF was so far behind me I couldn’t see it in a rear view mirror.

I watched friends go through Waypoint’s boot camp program, silently wishing I could join.

I made excuses for myself, rationalized not going, but kept a close eye on the program itself. My best friend asked me to do a new troop that started in August with her. I had exhausted every excuse possible, so I called and joined. I could barely walk after Enlistment Day, and silently cursed my best friend for talking me into it.

Around week two, I realized that after I was done working out, I felt better about myself. Happier. More confident. More put together. More sane. And the weight loss was an added bonus. I made it through the first boot camp, and signed up for a second one. Midway through the second one, I started getting asked if I was going to join Crossfit. I asked Regina if I could do Crossfit. “You totally can,” she replied. The show of confidence in me from someone I admire and respect greatly was all I needed. I signed up that day to join Crossfit.

Since then, I have been able to run after a ten year hiatus. I can do sit ups for the first time since before I had children. I am lifting weights for the first time in my life- and having a freaking blast doing it.IMG_8866

Being a Waypoint member has made me want to work out- to better myself for my family, and for ME.


Have I gotten stronger? Yes.

Do I have more endurance? Yes.

I have lost over 60 pounds since I started at Waypoint, but what I have gained is so very much more.

Real Life Mom – Robyn

I never really knew my athletic potential until my husband (fiancée at the time) encouraged me to apply for a military scholarship for medical school. As he realized he might be marrying my debt, the conversation went something like this: “Can you do a pushup? How far can you run?” I actually had no idea about either question. I’d always pushed myself to excel, but never in athletics. (This is ironic since I’m half-Samoan and come from a long family line of college athletes.) Somehow, I never ended up doing anything that challenged my body until I was in my 20’s.Copy of Copy of Copy of Real Life (1)

Long story short-I spent two-plus decades ashamed of my frame/build, often joking that I could’ve been an offensive lineman if I were a guy. Despite my achievements in school and music, I spent a significant amount of my lifetime wishing I had a different body. This led to chronic dieting in an unhealthy way and an ongoing self-confidence battle.

In steps the Army. It turns out I could do a push up. Who knew? I could run. (Far, but not very fast…but that got a little better with time.) The military began to show me a little of what my body could do in a good way. I started enjoying exercise more (even more so when I got out of the Army-when the stress of the PT test was gone). I was pretty intimidated by group exercise, but eventually got over that, and began kickboxing & some weight training.

Then, I had a setback. I tore my ACL in a poor attempt to teach my son how to ski. (Word to the wise-if you learned to ski on frozen grass in North Carolina in your 20’s, you are NOT a qualified ski instructor. I ended up being sledded down the Discovery Slope at Crystal Mountain…not my proudest moment.) When I saw the Orthopedic Surgeon, I was told I was “too old” to have it repaired. (Or that’s what I heard, anyway…). I worked hard with lots of physical therapy to rehab my knee, and eventually got to the point that I couldn’t remember which was the bad knee. A few years later, though, I re-injured it, and continued to have significant “blow-outs” with kickboxing.  Running was taking it’s own toll on my knees as well. I became discouraged, now loving exercise, but continually hurting myself with what I was doing.

A dear friend invited me to Waypoint CrossFit’s World’s Best Boot Camp Bring a Friend Workout. I had always been interested in trying CrossFit, but was admittedly intimidated. This seemed like a good way to see what the deal was. I was blown away by the camaraderie with the Waypoint community, and figured this would be as safe a place as any to try some CrossFit workouts.

After the first few workouts, I began to realize that not only was this fun, but it completely complimented my personal strengths, and in an amazing, supportive environment. Additionally, I could modify the workouts to protect my knee and still actually get a workout.

Eight months later, I continue to push myself further each time I go. I’ve found what my body seems to have been designed for. Instead of feeling ashamed to be lineman in a woman’s body, I just feel strong. Seeing how my PR’s have increased steadily, I finally feel that my genetics are a physical advantage instead of something to joke about. And the weight training has my knee feeling more stable than it has in a really long time. (I’ve only tweaked it twice in the past 6 months…once getting into my car and again during a hula hooping contest, which, BTW, I won.)


However, this story goes far beyond just me. I strive to see my son witness me push myself with each workout I do. Hopefully, this leads him to appreciate, pursue and test his own strengths. And, I pray this leads him to realize the inner powers that all humans possess.

Equally as important to me,  I see young girls in my pediatric practice everyday, and fear they may feel the same way about their bodies than I did when I was their age. I talk often to them & their moms about finding some form of exercise that is sustainable, enjoyable and confidence-building. We speak about finding activities that help them to learn their strengths, erase their self-doubt about their bodies and provide a life-long desire to stay active. Intentionally, I go about our small town in exercise clothes and no makeup, in hopes they see me after a workout and are inspired to be healthier-not just prettier or skinnier. 

I’m so thankful to Waypoint Crossfit for always supporting me, pushing me beyond what I thought I was capable of, and helping me to feel more comfortable in my strong Polynesian body!

Real Life Mom – Erin P.

My name is Erin Peterson and I was adopted into the Waypoint CrossFit family in the summer of 2015 when I accepted the challenge to join their first WBBC Troop 11. At the time I started boot camp I was sure my journey thus far was unique.  I was sure my story of growing up athletic, always moving, always being active, to becoming well…not that, was one no one IMG_3613else shared with me.

Boy was I wrong! I’ve learned most of us share that story. The journey getting there is different but the underlying path is mostly the same. We stopped moving. We let life get in the way. We put other things before our physical health.

For me, I believed the lie. In my mind I was active – I was running, walking, and lifting; because wasn’t that what I’ve always been doing? The reality was I couldn’t bend my back without severe lower back pain. I had to use my arms (rather than my legs) to lift myself off the couch or worse, roll off. I couldn’t dance to an entire song without feeling like I was going to collapse. I was out of shape with little muscle tone and no core strength. 

Fortunately, with my kids’ encouragement and listening to that still small voice in my head, I knew it was time to get off my butt. I had friends and family in other states who had experienced great results with that “Boot Camp CrossFit” thing. I had no idea what that meant but I was sure that it would be my answer, too. So, when my friend Terri Petroff posted an invite on Facebook to join Waypoints WBBC, I signed up.

And this brings me to my Waypoint CrossFit family. I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into. I just wanted to get off the couch without my back screaming at me. My first boot camp (I’ve been through four boot camps now!) was physically tough but mentally empowering. After going to my first enlistment day workout, there was never a workout that I did not get sick to my stomach before I went. But I went anyway.

Slowly I could see my recovery times were getting shorter. My squats were no longer plié’s.And my back wasn’t so unhappy. But more than that, I was surrounded by people who spoke truth into me. I heard things like “you’re strong!” and “good job!” and “nice squat!” and “you’ve got this!” and “ last one best one!” I heard “I am so proud of you!” They were investing in me and I loved every “atta girl” I received. I thrived on it! Graduation day came and I shaved almost 3 minutes off my baseline time. That was a big deal because on enlistment day I finished my baseline with just one second to spare. But there were other accomplishments as well – I lost 3 inches off my waistline, I ran a mile without stopping and I learned how to do a (ahem) burpee.  But my sweetest blessing was when my husband, Brian, after coming to graduation, joined me in my new CrossFit journey.

It’s been almost two years now. Brian and I are Crossfitters together and we love it. We have made precious friends at Waypoint CrossFit. The leaders are a unique bunch of wonderful encouragers. It didn’t stop after boot camp. It’s in their spirit. It’s in their blood. They love on their Waypoint family and they invest in them on a daily basis. Brian and I will be forever grateful. Our lives have been impacted and we are better and stronger emotionally, physically and spiritually because of each and every one of them.

One of the coaches told me recently, after being nervous for a particular workout, that I was a “Veteran Athlete” and that I was going to crush it. It was a stunning compliment but it was the truth. I have become an athlete again.


Thank you Waypoint CrossFit. We are stronger together.

Meet Real Life Mom – Bex

My name is Bex Mann. I’m newly 33. I’m a diehard Oregonian who moved to Gig Harbor five years ago. I’m a mom of four; 3 girls and one boy. My kids are 6, 4, 3, 1. That’s four kids in 5 years!IMG_3909

I love Waypoint CrossFit with all of my heart. It was the highlight of 2016.

I first was introduced to the gym when my husband decided to make a change to his fitness in January 2015. Armed with his birthday and Christmas money, he began to look around for a place that would push him, guide him, structure his work-outs and be sustainable for the long haul. He’s the kind of guy who can always find the best restaurant in a new city, and can always get you home when you’re lost. He’s relentless in his pursuit of knowledge. The guy loves to learn. His research for a special place to start a new chapter in his fitness took him to Waypoint Crossfit’s webpage. They seemed like a friendly crew, with a cool story, a central location, and a well stated mission and vision. He went in for a walk-through, a baseline workout, and to ask questions and he walked out with a membership and, honestly, a little skip in his step. He pretty much fell in love with the place, from top to bottom, from A to Z, from Day 1.

It’s been two years and he hasn’t looked back.

Well that’s his story. Now to mine….

When I became unexpectedly pregnant with my third child just 7 months after giving birth to my second child, I was bemoaning what this up and down and up and down weight gain and loss was doing to my body and my mind.

My husband and I were on a long walk and he mentioned that WayPoint was beginning a new Boot Camp program. Not traditional CrossFit, Boot Camp. It was just starting up and he thought I would really like it – six weeks of coaching and accountability and structure. No commitment beyond that, with other people who were just like me. I was so surprised he brought this up. He’s so laid back, so chill, not often voicing strong opinions, certainly never pressuring or strong- arming. I have tried for the entirety of our 11 year marriage to coerce him to tell me the way he likes my hair best, and I have yet to get any answer other than a sincere, “You literally look so good any way you do you hair.”. All that to say, when he brought up this Boot Camp out of pretty much nowhere, I took notice. But it felt so far outside of my world, outside of my normal. And anyway, WayPoint was his place, not mine, Could this really be a good fit for both of us? I had 4 months to go in my pregnancy anyway, so I let the thought go….

In the meantime my husband kept after it and kept loving it. The combination of dedicated, consistent hard work and improvement paired with his personal enjoyment really stuck with me.

Pretty soon I was unexpectedly pregnant with my fourth child (it’s like no one ever explained birth control to us!) and in a blink of an eye, on a stormy late-January evening, in a peaceful hospital room, she was born. She was perfect. But, I’d gained 50 pounds during this pregnancy and hadn’t walked much at all towards the end with the bad weather.

This time the weight wasn’t falling off me and I couldn’t seem to manage the logistics to get outside for a walk or a jog the way I had after my other children were born. I was restless and curious. I’d had 4 kids in five years and had moved to a brand new town for my husband to begin a brand new vocational challenge, and for the first time in a long time I was sort of picking my head up and looking toward the future beyond the realm of simply “survival” and “change”. It seemed it was time for more. I’d been stretched far and wide, but now it felt it was time to go deep, to slow down and settle in; to focus on my personal, relational, spiritual, emotional and physical growth, health and wellbeing. I think they are all interconnected, by the way.

When my daughter was just 8 weeks old, I was pondering this on the couch one day. She was sleeping on my chest, the rain was beating down outside, and I knew I’d missed my only shot for a walk that day. Again. Suddenly I remembered the Boot Camp at WayPoint. I IMG_3679peppered my husband with a thousand questions via text, imploring him to find out what he could in the most stealth manner he could muster. He gently and quickly wrote back to me everything he could find out about where and when and how and what and who. And then he told me he would do anything to make this work for me. He would find a way to make it work financially, he would find a way to make sure our kids were taken care of to free me up for this. “Whatever it takes, whatever else needs to be moved around, I’m sold on this for you.”

Four weeks later, when my baby was 3 months old, with butterflies in my stomach, a constant shaking in my hands, and a nervous tremor in my voice, I self-consciously pulled into the parking lot of the gym my husband so deeply loved. I was beyond nervous, but I knew it was time to try something new, and I knew that I could trust my husband- if he said it would be awesome and I would love it – he was probably right.

I was instantly met by the most sincerely warm and inviting group of volunteers and coaches and my first day at Boot Camp was one of the most unforgettable days of my adult life. There is something so tender about a room full of adults, who don’t know each other at all, who all admit they really want to change, who are all attempting to try something brand new, who will all bump against the ceiling they are used to bumping up against, but this time are empowered to break right through and become a new, more whole, healthier and happier version of themselves. It’s palpably powerful. It’s incredibly invigorating.

I completed my Boot Camp in early June 2016 with 100% attendance at each PT. 18 classes in six weeks. My husband worked from home, he did bedtimes and dinner clean-up. I humbly and gratefully accepted help from a friend to watch my kids on nights my husband had meetings and went to bed early on Friday nights. I tracked my food and did at home work-outs. I set aside the beer and the Cheez-Its and the Hi-Chews. I made new friends, I heard vulnerable stories from my fellow troopers, I high-fived and cheered with every fiber of my being, I sincerely rooted for my peers, I wanted them to succeed, to see how valuable and strong and special they are.

I think every adult should be given the direct invitation to encourage and partner with another adult, from another life stage, with a different background. So much of our time and energy revolves around “me and mine”: My work, my house, my problems, my body, my money, my marriage, my kids, my goals. To have a place and time to show up just exactly as you are, to do your very best, and to team up and encourage others is such a distinct privilege. So I loved my time at Boot Camp on that level, but I also loved the physical and mental challenge it was for me. To dedicate the time to leave home at bedtime or in the early morning and then give everything I’ve got for 60 minutes. To work my very hardest, to go all the way to the end, to use my best form, to get that one last set or rep in, to leave everything else from the day behind and be 100% present with my coaches and my troopers, to tell myself the truth in the moment when I get tired, to motivate myself during a movement that I’m weak at, to let myself truly receive praise from someone else.

These were valuable and powerful lessons I experienced and it both strengthened me and softened me. When my husband came to my Boot Camp graduation he cried to see me. When I got home he told me he hadn’t seen my smile that big or that much in years. It was true. I loved it. I felt so myself, like the true me came out when I am at WayPoint.

IMG_3787I signed up again, back at it during the hot summer weather. I was all in. I even moved our family vacation around so I would only miss one class, not two. 17 out of 18 classes. Six more weeks of my hardest work, the very best coaching, the most sincere people. My waist was shrinking, my sleep was deep, I was doing more reps, I was getting faster, I could go longer, and to my surprise I was starting to feel strong.

Strong may not seem like such a stand-out word to you, but it is to me. All of my life I was an athlete. From 7 years old until high school graduation I played endless competitive soccer and basketball. I did volleyball and swim team, tennis and track. I was always fast. I was always tough. I was even always near the top, competitively. But I was never strong. At least not in my mind. I don’t know where that came from, but that was always my silent belief: I’m fast and tough and good, but I’m not strong. I cannot do hard things. I can’t really improve- I am where I will always be. This was something I both accepted and resented. The closest I ever got to sharing this silent belief was jovially saying, “Ahhh well, I’m the skinny-fat girl. I may look slim to you, but I’m not strong at all.” I was always embarrassed when someone mentioned what I looked like, I felt ashamed that I was naturally slim (which they could see), but not strong (which they couldn’t… at least not right away. And I never wanted them to just find out and be disappointed, so I attempted to say it right off the bat to set their expectations reasonably… It was a whole thing, who knew?!).

Waypoint showed me that I was strong, stronger than before, stronger today and yesterday. It helped me to believe I could change- both the old tapes in my head saying, “ you can’t” or “you aren’t”, and the way my body functioned and performed. And at WayPoint it wasn’t just that you could theoretically be strong at some distant and foggy future date, it was now. You could start today, in fact you’d already begun. If I kept showing up and kept doing my best, I would change and grow and improve. And WayPoint didn’t just believe in me and move on to the next person, they showed me how, they guide me along the path.

As I walked through that door from spring, to summer, to fall, and now winter I can see my strength and endurance and confidence grow. What a liberating thing it is to change! I started with an 8lb wall ball and now I use a 14lb. Wall ball for most exercises. I started with a 16 inch box and now use a 24 inch box. I didn’t used to be able to complete strict push-ups or even many strict sit-ups and now I can. I can run a mile with ease, which I wouldn’t have even dreamed about 9 months ago. I didn’t know the names of the movements of a single weight-bearing exercise before I started and now I’m seeing strength build in each one. I’m back in my pre-baby clothes and when I went to Disney World this week, I felt confident enough to wear shorts for the first time since high school.

I feel a deep sense of belonging and a deep sense of ownership at WayPoint. I believe those are two things everyone needs, everyone longs for. I feel invited into a sincere and welcoming community just as I am, for who I really am, and I feel challenged to work my hardest, do my best, and keep pushing myself. I also believe these are two things everyone is searching for and hoping to find.

In August, after graduating from my second Boot Camp, I transitioned into a full on CrossFit membership at WayPoint. I almost couldn’t say that with a straight face for a while.


A member at a CrossFit gym? Me? IMG_0789

Using words like thrusters and power cleans? Me? Jumping vertically up onto a 24 inch box? Me? Performing a one rep max at 30% more than I did three months prior? I still sometimes can’t believe it. I’m only a few months in, but this I know:

WayPoint it is a transformative place.

A sacred place, filled with incredible people from all walks of life, with all different backgrounds. We have different professions and beliefs and families, but we care about each other, and we all have this is common. We believe now more than ever that we are capable of becoming the best version of ourself, even after all this time. We aren’t stuck, we aren’t alone, we aren’t limited by our past and there is no ceiling on our future.

We’re stronger together.




Judy P.15578126_694638404045716_2396211187590454428_o_fotor

Waypoint Crossfit is more than just a gym to me, it has become a community that I have grown to love and many of the members and owners have become like family.  

Last Spring while in a rut from my current workout routine, I was approached by Sarah Liberty, another member about doing boot camp, a 6 week class that guaranteed results, and promised the support that was lacking in most of our routines.  I figured I had nothing to lose, so my friend and I decided to give it ago. Well with in a small moment of walking in the doors of Waypoint, I knew it was going to be something different, it was something so much more.

People were beyond friendly, but not that fake kind of friendly, like the true sincere kind
that generally want to know what your goals were and how they were going to help you achieve them.  

15288498_685459458296944_2105445899087369272_o-1Well to keep this story short and sweet, I fell in love with this place and knew this would be the last stop I would be making for my workout routine.  They care, They really do, They want you succeed and the will help you every step of the way to get there.  

Flash-forward 6 weeks, I had lost inches, lost lbs, but gained so much more. I gained my sense of self-worth back that I had lost somewhere a long the way of ending my career in finance and becoming a stay at home mom when we moved to Washington  four years ago.  So I joined the amazing gym, and officially become a “crossfit chic” but don’t let that term fool, you.  I Still drink wine and eat carbs; remember I mentioned this gym is different?  I am a mom of two crazy active kids, Co-chair of my kids preschool and heavily active in the Sensory Processing Disorder community as it is very near to my heart.  

My husband works LONG days. I have every excuse in the world not to have time for this place.  

There are many days well, most, I want to pull my hair out, the gym allows me leave a few strands behind and but a smile on my face when my son is running naked through the house after just being lectured to put his darn clothes back on for the 16th time.  

I need this place for my mental sanity. The people in that place have become near and dear friends and filled a void I did not know was missing from my world!


I’m not special, They do it FOR EVERY Single member.  Trust me, just ask one of the many people you will see in this town wearing a Waypoint shirt.  It is true.  What gym sends you flowers after surgery? This place.

My biggest goals upon arrival was to be able to run again, even just a little, which happened, jump rope, without peeing my pants, and for a minute straight, the second has happened, (baby steps) and third I am lifting weights at a level I never dreamed I would.  

Did you know you could be strong and fit without running 10 miles a day? It’s a true story.  

For more info on this place Contact, Regina, Carol and Crew at Waypoint trust me you have nothing to lose, except a few pounds and gain your sanity back.


Judy A Pagni














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