CrossFit HQ – The Main Page

CrossFit Journal – The most comprehensive online publication for fitness

CrossFit Games – The World’s Fittest Men and Women competition

CrossFit Mom – A perfect place for expecting mothers who want to CrossFit

CrossFit Kids – Forging the future of elite fitness

Weightlifting, Strength, & Power:

CrossFit Football – Created by John Welbourn to aid the power athlete

Mike’s Gym – Mike Burgener’s gym, CrossFit HQ’s subject matter expert on O-Lifting

Westside Barbell – Louie Simmons’ site

Catalyst Athletics – Online publication centered on weightlifting and conditioning

Gymnastics & Bodyweight:

Drills and Skills – Descriptions and walk-through of competitive gymnastic movements

Gymnastics WOD – Carl Paoli’s awesome WODs and “how-to” videos

Beast Skills – Jim Barthurst’s blog

Running, Rowing, & Endurance:

CrossFit Endurance – Created by Brian Mackenzie to aid the endurance athlete

Mobility, Flexibility, & Recovery:

Mobility WOD – Kelly Starrett’s amazing blog of how to maintain the human machine


Mark’s Daily Apple – A blog from Mark Sisson about the “primal living in a modern world”

Everyday Paleo -Sarah Fragoso’s website for her book “Everyday Paleo” (awesome book!)

The Paleo Diet – Dr. Loren Cordain’s website for his book “The Paleo Diet”

The Zone Diet – Dr. Barry Sear’s website for his book “The Zone Diet”

Paleo OMG – A Paleo food blog by a real gal who makes it easy to like to cook real food

Whole9 –  Dallas and Melissa Hartwig have built a community based on fitness, health, and sanity

StrongerFasterHealthier – The best Whey protein and D3 supplements


Rogue Fitness – Anything and everything a CrossFitter would need

Again, Faster – A distributor of different manufacturer’s equipment

The Garage Gym Store – Specializes in garage gym build out


CrossFit Kids: Forging the Future of Fitness CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle Resource

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