What if I called you lazy?

It’s clearly a hypothetical question…….. 😉

I’m asking, because the other day someone, actually a mentor of mine called me very

undisciplined. This same person months ago, asked if I was disciplined in something, one

aspect of my life in particular. I said yes, but not in another.

He said, there is no yes and no.

You either are, or you aren’t.

It’s all or nothing.

I’m literally still thinking about that. And if I agree with it or not.

I think it’s right. He hasn’t steered me wrong yet.

But, it had me thinking about the word discipline.

I actually think, without looking it up, it’s another word for lazy. And, I could be wrong, because my vocabulary sucks, even though I read a lot of books. (I heard that helps)

And L-A-Z-Y is a 4 letter word in my mind.

Who the hell wants to be called lazy?

Not me.

Are we just being nice to ourselves and each other by using the word “un disciplined”??

So, fast forward to now.

I talk to a lot of people on a daily basis. Some members –some not, some alumni, some friends…….and I hear a lot of reason why they aren’t coming to classes, or they stopped coming to classes, or why they can’t sign up for classes.

And doesn’t it just come down to not being disciplined?

I think about the crew of 7-10 people who wake up and come workout at 5:30am on a regular basis. They come whether it is summer break, or spring break, or whatever the weather is, or however the sun is setting the night before. That’s discipline. That’s definitely not being lazy.

I have lots of examples of people who are disciplined. But what about the opposite of that?

I don’t mind thinking I’m not disciplined…..a little.

But, then I think that means I’m lazy…..and those are fighting words.

So, are you disciplined, or lazy? Does it matter to you? Do you think there is an in between?

If it does. Let it show.

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