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For the past couple of weeks, I have been carefully considering how I would like to invite all current Waypoint members (and have you accept my invitation) to join me on Waypoint Crossfit’s Open Team and here is what I came up with:

Arrghh!  I hate for all of you to know this…

Three years ago, I was asked for the first time to sign up for The Open.  Having been a competitive athlete for most of my teen & early twenty, and then being the out of shape middle age mom that I was at the time, I felt I wasn’t “ready” and it wasn’t for me.  I couldn’t believe they would ask me to put myself out there like that… embarrass myself in front of everyone, yeah right.


As I continued this conversation with a friend who was trying to talk me off the ledge, I also added the worst thing that could EVER happen to me would be to see my name with ZERO next to it, knowing full well that it would be nearly impossible for me to score a zero.  Ha!  I was better than that… but what it really came down to was I was afraid.  It wasn’t until I said this ridiculous statement out loud that I realized it was fear that was stopping me. After my dad passed away, I vowed to never let fear limit what I would do or become, so I signed up!

Out of the 25 people who also signed up that year for the Open at my previous box, I scored dead last…ZERO… in workout #1, and guess what? I survived it and honestly, I am way better off for it! In fact, during last year’s Open, I was begging to be able to submit a zero, but that is another story you can ask me about later. 

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This is what I didn’t know then that I do now, CrossFit has never been about your score, but bettering yourself everyday.  While I was reading a blog on I found these words that I want to you to hear: “It turns out that the gap into the athletic life is only one step wide” and you took this step when you walked through Waypoint’s doors to take you first CrossFit class.  “The athletic life is a state of being.  It is about expectation and commitment.  The expectation is that we can get more from our bodies tomorrow than we did today: more functionality, more utility, more capacity, and less pain.”  Isn’t that truly why all of us joined CrossFit? “The commitment is to work towards that expectation” to be better tomorrow than we are today.  Here is the part I want you to understand the most “IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT YOU BRING TO THE TABLE, IT’S THE DECISION (you make) THAT YOU BELONG AT THE TABLE.”  Decide you belong in The Open.  Don’t tell yourself “this is for them”… because it’s for YOU, the athlete!

What I gained from putting myself out there was the opportunity to support and cheer for my “teammates”, conquer and survive fear, and a place to measure and see just how far I have come year to year.

Why should you pay $20 and sign up for The Open?

It’s probably the biggest and best way to thank your coaches who spend tireless hours trying to help you find the best you. 

Having all of us commit to be tested and represent Waypoint together would be especially meaningful to Darius and Regina, but honestly to all of us as we pull together to do this for Waypoint!

This will be the truest measurement of where you are, measured against athletes just like you.  This collect of data will allow you to compare yourself, with everyone, down to the people just like you, Rx/Scaled, male/female, your age, your lifts 1 rep maxes, your height, your weight, if you enter that data, and how long you have been a CrossFit athlete. 

Here is why I want you to do this~ You inspire me, I believe in you, and I want you on my team!

-Jenny Buys

Waypoint Athlete, Kick Ass Mom and Teacher

Here is a link to the CrossFit Open Page. Jenny will be hosting a sign up day on Saturday, Jan. 23rd at WPCF for anyone who would like assistance with the process or to ask questions.

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