Waypoint CF is home of the first kid's CrossFit program in the area as well as a full 7-day a week adult program. Our mission is to be the best training facility in the area for kids and adults ages 3-95. We are a family friendly CrossFit gym centrally located in downtown Gig Harbor.


For the past couple of weeks, I have been carefully considering how I would like to invite all current Waypoint members (and have you accept my invitation) to join me on Waypoint Crossfit’s Open Team and here is what I came up with: Arrghh! Read more...

Hand Weight_BW

A lot has changed since Waypoint CrossFit made the decision to go to member contracts almost a year ago. Most all of these things have not just been good, but GREAT for our members and business. But, there are some that still... Read more...


I don’t typically yell, but about a week ago I yelled across the room to someone, “Just freakin’ hook grip the damn bar!” Why???  Read more...


Do you have a battle buddy? I’m not just talking about a girlfriend or buddy, someone that you like hanging out with. I am talking about someone that you have experienced much more with.  Read more...

Memorial Day MURSPh

Two years. That is how long it took for this moment on Saturday, April 18 for Mo Richards. A self described “non-athlete”, Mo grew up with a family of amazing athletes. She made her way through school and started working as a teacher, where she threw herself... Read more...


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