Waypoint CF is home of the first kid's CrossFit program in the area as well as a full adult program. Our mission is to offer top notch training to kids and adults ages 3-95. We are a family friendly CrossFit gym centrally located in downtown Gig Harbor.


If someone asked you to define what fitness is, do you think you could tell them? Webster's dictionary defines fitness as "the quality or state of being fit", but what exactly does that mean? I will provide you with a much clearer definition of fitness and how you can... Read more...

Waypoint CrossFit Varsity group working with the PVC pipes before moving to barbells.

The kids that took part in our teen athlete camp over the summer did. Last week we were able to test some of our young athletes to find out whether or not they improved over the 6-week long athlete camp. The camp was consisted of 3 classes a week for 6-weeks. The classes were an hour long and were... Read more...


It is a well known and frequently researched fact that as adults we begin to lose between five to seven pounds of lean muscle mass every decade after the age of twenty. If you do the math that is at least 15 pounds of lean muscle mass lost between the ages of 20-50. Physical inactivity has been... Read more...


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