Waypoint CF is home of the first kid's CrossFit program in the area as well as a full 7-day a week adult program. Our mission is to be the best training facility in the area for kids and adults ages 3-95. We are a family friendly CrossFit gym centrally located in downtown Gig Harbor.


So, a few recent conversations has me wondering why??? Why are people so afraid of lifting. And when I say lift, I mean anything. You can lift 5 pounds, or you... Read more...


For the past couple of weeks, I have been carefully considering how I would like to invite all current Waypoint members (and have you accept my invitation) to join me on Waypoint Crossfit’s Open Team and here is what I came up with: Arrghh! Read more...

Hand Weight_BW

A lot has changed since Waypoint CrossFit made the decision to go to member contracts almost a year ago. Most all of these things have not just been good, but GREAT for our members and business. But, there are some that still... Read more...


I don’t typically yell, but about a week ago I yelled across the room to someone, “Just freakin’ hook grip the damn bar!” Why???  Read more...


Do you have a battle buddy? I’m not just talking about a girlfriend or buddy, someone that you like hanging out with. I am talking about someone that you have experienced much more with.  Read more...


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